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      Case Study

      How Martin Yeoh and MLC TV Prevent Data Loss

      MLC TV is a Singapore-based, boutique video production agency led by Martin Yeoh. The agency specializes in creating content end to end with live elements, which provides compelling brand storytelling for their clients. Yeoh is also an in-demand, globetrotting fashion photographer. He is constantly experimenting with unique and innovative ways to create brand narratives that speak to the international audience. His projects have brought him to Mongolia, France, Maldives, Malaysia, and the USA, among other locations.

      Yeoh is the executive producer of this video where he shares how he protects his data with a Synology DS1618+ solution, outfitted with the Seagate IronWolf Pro NAS drives.

      “Hello, I am Martin Yeoh. I run a video production company called MLC TV. It started out as a one-man show, and now it has grown into a team of eight to nine people.

      “Losing my data after a shoot was a really stressful period for us.”

      – Martin Yeoh

      “Many years ago, we had an incident whereby we lost some data after a shoot. We tried different data recovery methods and it did not work. It was a really stressful period for us.

      “So, after that incident, I found what I thought was the best solution for us. We went out and bought our first Synology NAS and we outfitted it with Seagate hard drives. That was five years ago. Since then, we have added a few more of these systems to our collection. One of our NAS systems is actually two identical NAS that are constantly mirroring each other. If one of these NAS were to go down (touch wood), I always know that I have a backup.

      “We can create secure folders that are password-protected and share them with external parties, especially if it is a large file. It makes things a lot easier. Our clients can even access the files using the app. They can watch the videos that we have done, leave comments, and stuff like that.

      “Ever since we have integrated this system into our company, it has provided me with greater peace of mind. The Seagate Ironwolf Health Management feature actively monitors the health of my NAS and the built-in Seagate Rescue Data Recovery Services plan, which comes with the IronWolf Pro NAS drives, is a bonus. It allows me to not worry about data loss and focus my energies more on the creative work. So far, I am loving it.”

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