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      Home NAS

      Do I Need a Home NAS?

      Streaming, sharing, backup, privacy—let’s dive into all the perks of setting up network attached storage on the homefront.

      Curious about the possibility of setting up your own home NAS? We’ll shed light on some key benefits here—but before we do, rest assured that it’s easier than you might imagine. In fact, more and more, NAS is used by everyday families who simply want to share photos and enjoy access to a digital library of entertainment, no matter where they’re at. So whether you’re looking to build your own private network, amass movies, music, and TV shows, or take data backup to the next level, NAS just might be what you’re looking for.

      It’s Like Your Own Private Cloud

      Think of NAS as your own faster, less expensive home server for photos, music, movies, important files, work documents—you name it. That means more security for the stuff that really matters, like your taxes. More space for the content you want on hand, like a growing collection of movies. And perhaps most importantly, remote access so that you can stream entertainment and grab files while traveling, at work, and wherever else you go that has the internet.

      Level Up Your Backup

      Sometimes drive failure happens, but with the built-in, easy-to-use RAID options offered by many NAS boxes, you can confidently back up your files and media across multiple drives rather than a single drive. So if one happens to go kaput, your content will still be alive and well on the other drives. Further, we live in a world where high-performance, high-capacity hard drives and SSDs like IronWolf have your back. Specifically built to meet the standards of top NAS builders like Qnap and Synology, these drives go the extra mile with long-term warranties and optional Data Recovery Services in case of natural disasters and other data loss events. In short, home NAS is a simple and reliable way to protect your digital life.

      More Control. Fewer Subscription Fees.

      Not into paying recurring subscription fees for public cloud service providers like Dropbox and Google Drive? Then NAS is your answer. Simply connect your computer, phone, or tablet to your NAS and gain immediate access to all your media. No syncing necessary since it’s all coming from one centralized place and you can stream, download, or even upload new files on the go. Plus, if you’re conscious of data security, remember that NAS is like your own private cloud—no other entity will own your information. As for streaming services like Netflix, NAS is a great alternative that enables you to create your own home theater filled with thousands of hours of entertainment. Plus, most NAS boxes are compatible with Roku, Plex, and other media apps so that you can watch from your 4K tv and portable devices.

      Easily Share Your Content

      With everything you’ve just read about NAS and its streaming, sharing, and remote access powers, you can probably guess that it’s also an incredible tool for families. Want a music server that you can all add to and play from? Going on vacation and want the freedom to simultaneously stream different movies to different devices? Or upload phone photos to a shared folder? NAS makes it easy.

      All said, home NAS is the perfect way to give yourself and the family a one-stop digital media shop. It’s scalable, secure, and ultimately, makes streaming and file sharing a whole lot easier.

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